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Frida - The Perfect Ginger


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Frida - The Perfect Ginger
Frida - The Perfect Ginger
Frida - The Perfect Ginger
Frida - The Perfect Ginger
Frida - The Perfect Ginger
Frida - The Perfect Ginger

Frida is one of our newest style. She is an ulta dense wig, with more hair than any of our other wigs, with around the density of 2 wigs in 1. Frida is 26inches inches long. The wig cap is made with an elasticated base so it can be tightened and fastened to smaller heads and also be loosened for large head sizes. Frida has a 3 and half inch centre parting of hand knotted lace. This allows the wearer the ability to move the parting around without the wig cap or wefting becoming exposed. The style of the wigs is a thick smooth curl with lots of volume. The wig can easily be straightened by steaming the fibre with a clothing steamer. We have used transparent lace that is subtle and durable so you have a seamless hairline and longevity out of your lace front wig. 

Annalina details:

  • 26 inches long
  • Density of 2 wigs in 1 (250%)
  • 3 inches of parting space
  • Heat resistant fibre (we recommend styling with steam)
  • Can be styled with low heat styling tools
  • Naturalist fibre to replicate human hair.
  • Hand knotted naturalistic hairline 
  • Can be washed with lukewarm water.
  • Can be styled again and again. 
  • Flexible cap to accommodate all head sizes 
  • Transparent lace for an invisible hairline

Care instructions

  • wash using wig-safe shampoos using lukewarm water
  • style with heated steam, best under 100 degrees celsius - can be restyled or straightened using this method
  • for storage, avoid applying pressure, bending or squashing the hair
  • preferably, store on a headform, wrapped in a soft material, such as plastic

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