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Galactic Glitter Violet


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Galactic Glitter Violet
Galactic Glitter Violet
Galactic Glitter Violet
Galactic Glitter Violet

Be the centre of attention with this shiny, eye-catching wig. Woven in between its stunning colour, the glitter strands shimmer and and sparkle, producing a very unique and beguiling effect. Whether you're performing on stage or just making your ex jealous, you will make a big splash with this one.


  • 26 inches in length with shorter layers
  • Interwoven with strands of glitter
  • styled with rollers and brushed out for a natural, loose curl
  • the hair is knotted into Swiss theatre-lace which blends well into the skin and provides durability as well as long life, with 2 inches of parting space
  • the softness of the lace allows for a more natural looking hairline - it's been left longer so that you can trim it to your desired length
  • the cap has an elasticated one-size-fits-all base
  • three built-in combs (two on the sides, one at the back) for a tight and secure fit
  • the hair density is 150%
  • heat resistant fiber that can be styled using steam heat

Care instructions

  • wash using wig-safe shampoos using lukewarm water
  • style with heated steam, best under 100 degrees celsius - can be restyled or straightened using this method
  • for storage, avoid applying pressure, bending or squashing the hair
  • preferably, store on a headform, wrapped in a soft material, such as plastic